open plan kitchen

This house was extended at the back. The large open plan kitchen has now room for a dining table and an extra lounge area. The roof has extra windows resulting in beautiful natural light throughout the day.
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changing floorplans

By redesigning the floorplans the owner’s wishes were realized within the existing building. The interior was updated to current standards. The beautiful new hardwood floor and the Portugese tiles are the finishing touch!
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renovation apartment

The apartment had been rented out for thirty years and was in need of a make over. After plastering, painting and with a new kitchen and bathroom the apartment was sold to a happy new owner within months.
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modernizing a free standing home

The house was renovated, with a new tiled roof, a modern kitchen an bathroom. It has now been leased to expats for several years.
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an extra bedroom

The owners of this groundfloor apartment needed an extra bedroom. An extension at the back creates room for the kitchen to be moved to the former dining room and an extra bedroom at the back.
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renovation and extension

This house was extended by adding the original garage thus creating an open plan living room and kitchen with broad garden views.
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merging two semi-detached houses

Two semi-detached houses were merged to become one villa. The parting walls were replaced by an impressive steel construction and an open staircase connecting and uniting the two houses.
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modernizing a home

The house was modernized keeping intact the old stained glass windows, panel doors and the old fashioned sliding doors. The house was leased to expats for years and was recently sold.
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